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Oh, the agony.

2013-05-16 22:06:42 by Jacob

People like to vote 0 on my submissions.
The pain I have experienced this day is something I cannot express with mere words.

Nah, but it's no big deal. It's just funny to see my submission go from 4.71 to 4.37 in two days, despite consistently good ratings for two weeks prior.
Oh well! Ratings mean little, and this just means someone else will get a little more exposure from the top of the list.

Hopefully our 0'er is making good use of his bombs!

Edit: Every day I tells ya. Every day.


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2013-05-18 14:35:34

The tide usually turns on new submissions after a while. At first, everybody's incredibly hyped up, then they start voting a bit fairer. Also, the score will still sink a bit even when people give the submission a 4, you know. :P

(Updated ) Jacob responds:

Nah, they went through and voted 0 on all of my submissions for like four days.
It was one person per day, so I assume it was a specific 0 bomber.

And a 4 wouldn't bring me down that much. It had to be a 0.

But it's no big deal!


2013-05-19 14:01:17

You can't see how many votes a submission has, how would you know it's just one voter? Monitoring view counts?

Jacob responds:

You can see how many votes! Just hover over the stars, and you'll get the number.


2013-05-19 16:23:29

Oh, you really can! My bad then, thanks for the info.

Jacob responds:

Haha, no problem.
Yeah, there will always be 0'bombers. But what are you going to do?
If I just keep working for flashes, I'll get a lot more exposure than the Audio Portal would give me anyway.