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Music? Voice acting?! JACOB?!

2014-09-26 03:03:54 by Jacob

If you follow me, you may have noticed frequent audio submissions in the realm of Alternative Rock-ish stuff. I'm experimenting with it a bit, and golly am I enjoying creating it. Regardless of whether you enjoy it as well, I'm throwing it in your face! But, maybe let me know if it tastes okay so that I can make it yummier.

I'd love it if you checked some of that out!


But on to other things.

As per usual, I got my hopes up about finally getting tons of voice acting commissions and becoming the VA of the century. Soon after, school/work hit me like an existential brick to the nads, and I lost what little momentum I'd amassed.

That said, I refuse to give up. I'm back at it, auditioning for roles when they pop up, and maybe even learning how to draw with my own hand! However, that's not likely to prove fruitful, so maybe you more talented folks could throw this vagabond a figurative bone?



Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me. Here's to another theoretically fruitful year!

Voice Acting! (Also new username)

2013-06-11 14:00:25 by Jacob

From Himynameisjacob to Jacob. I am a new man!
And as such.
I am more dedicated than ever to voice acting.
I'm currently providing voices for everything from flashes to games apps to music to tutorials - and I'm having a lot of fun with it!
This was my first time ever doing voices for a game like that, and I'm doing my best to expand my horizons even further every day.

Let me know if you need anything!

I need a new animator!

2013-05-21 01:52:26 by Jacob

So I had a bunch of cartoons planned out with the beautiful Xander, but he's gone on a hiatus.
The idea was that I would write, voice, and design sound for the cartoons. I had at least 10 written, and voices put to a couple - but then this hit us.

So I'm looking for a new butt-buddy!

I know this is an uncommon circumstance, since animators typically prefer to author their own work and bring in voice actors to supplement - but I'll be damned if I don't at least try.

Let me know if you're interested!


PS Whoever keeps voting 0 on every single one of my submissions daily, please stop while you're ahead.

Back on the horse!

2013-04-20 01:35:15 by Jacob

To say that I rode very far on the horse to begin with would be a little embellished. It was more like one of those short pony rides at the rich kid's birthday party in 2nd grade. Or a merry-go-round.

Nevertheless! I'm back to writing and voice acting, partnered up with my bro Xander, and fully prepared to knock your figurative socks off.

I've picked up the Blue Bluebird microphone as an upgrade/replacement for the deceased Blue Yeti, and the sound is incredibly crisp. Check out the preceding News Post to listen to some of my stuff! (Though only the last short recording features the new microphone, or really anything less than a year or two old.)

This little compost pile is a commemoration for my beloved old Blue Yeti, masquerading as a demo reel. Feel free to check it out!

Farewell for now, my friends. I'll be posting some material soon - mark my words!

vois actng lol

2011-12-01 12:12:16 by Jacob

I've decided to begin putting my voice out there as much as possible.
I'm not the best voice actor on the planet, but at the very least my voice is very unique. Hit me up if you need anything!

I am now recording with the Blue Bluebird.

Vocal clips
Basic Demo Reel made up of voices done with the deceased Blue Yeti.
A crappy prank call to a Pizza Hut in NYC during the whole Battletoads bonanza.
This was originally used as a tryout for something, though I can't remember what, for a character named Jurnk. I deleted it before characters were chosen, though. It's not scripted, and is mostly goofing around.
This is the beginning of what I had planned to be a full song inspired by a submission of EdibleCastle's. It's not voice acting, but it is my voice. Just throwing it in for funzies.
A quick clip of my singing, recorded at age 14.
A little jingle for an upcoming flash short.
An audition for some 8bit hero flash.


2011-08-16 02:31:45 by Jacob

Yesterday was a successful spamfest, and I am proud of each and every one of you for keeping the dedicated stupidity of Newgrounds alive. <3


Voice actor looking for work!

2011-06-09 02:05:20 by Jacob

I recently ordered the Blue Yeti HD microphone, and it's meant to be here by tomorrow. I'll be posting a demo reel of voices in the very near future if you'd like confirmation of my talent - but in the mean time, hit me up if you're in need of some voices! My range is primarily tenor, so deep tones are basically out for me, but otherwise my tonal range is very wide.


2011-05-11 00:01:47 by Jacob

I don't read books; I stare them down until I get the information that I want. I can speak Russian: in French. When I do pushups I push the world down. I once had an awkward moment just to see what it felt like. I once caught a cold, but it escaped. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place, because I'm looking for it. I play PS3 games in a DVD player. I can eat just one lays potato chip. I CAN believe it's not butter. I am the reason aliens visit earth. I never stare at the sun; I don't want to blind it. I can divide by zero. Stephen Hawking asks me to proofread his work. Guns need a license to be shot by me. I refer to myself in 5th person.

I just felt it was time to make a post. I think I regret it.