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Entry #8

Music? Voice acting?! JACOB?!

2014-09-26 03:03:54 by Jacob

If you follow me, you may have noticed frequent audio submissions in the realm of Alternative Rock-ish stuff. I'm experimenting with it a bit, and golly am I enjoying creating it. Regardless of whether you enjoy it as well, I'm throwing it in your face! But, maybe let me know if it tastes okay so that I can make it yummier.

I'd love it if you checked some of that out!


But on to other things.

As per usual, I got my hopes up about finally getting tons of voice acting commissions and becoming the VA of the century. Soon after, school/work hit me like an existential brick to the nads, and I lost what little momentum I'd amassed.

That said, I refuse to give up. I'm back at it, auditioning for roles when they pop up, and maybe even learning how to draw with my own hand! However, that's not likely to prove fruitful, so maybe you more talented folks could throw this vagabond a figurative bone?



Thanks to all of you who have stuck with me. Here's to another theoretically fruitful year!


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2014-09-26 04:08:42

Keep it up! *+1 follower*

~Phyrnna ^_^


2014-09-26 22:02:45

V Holy hell you got the composer of Epic Battle Fantasy on your side? You're going places!